Is va-Q-tec a hidden European energy champion, Joachim Kuhn?

va-Q-tec is another European company that could be interesting for investors looking for opportunities in the energy crisis. The company specializes in energy savings with its unique isolation technology.

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We have discussed the following:
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00:40 Introduction to Joachim Kuhn
01:38 Founding days of va-Q-tec in Würzburg, Germany
04:13 The technology of vacuum thermal insulation
05:44 Patents
07:10 Obtaining a business sensibility
09:16 What drives Joachim Kuhn
10:12 Going public on the stock market
11:31 Sustainability for the planet
12:10 Challenges of the stock market
13:42 What people should know about va-Q-tec
14:40 Business fields
17:10 A cost-efficient technology
19:03 Scaling production
20:06 TempChain Logistics
23:02 Moving on from the pandemic with TempChain
24:55 Breaking into new markets
26:00 Overview of solutions
27:49 Working with customers
28:41 Working with sales partners
30:06 Impact of the energy crisis
32:01 Life cycle of the products
34:19 Closing thoughts
35:35 Thank you
35:53 Disclaimer

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