Can JDC digitize the insurance industry, Sebastian Grabmaier?

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JDC is a German company trying to digitize the insurance sector with its software and service approach. Together with the co-founder Sebastian Grabmaier, I could do a deep dive into the company.

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We have discussed the following:
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00:40 Introduction to Dr. Sebastian Grabmaier & JDC
01:40 Why get out of bed every morning?
02:54 JDC’s history
04:30 Learnings from difficult times
06:04 Focussing on one thing
06:59 Tips for the “past self”
07:45 Re-capitalizing JDC with private money
09:40 The insurance industry
11:16 Clockspeed in the insurance industry
13:45 Early mistakes
15:10 JDC’s problem solving
16:49 The B2B2C model
20:13 Difficulty in comparing insurance companies
22:11 Onboarding insurance products
23:15 Project cycles
25:50 Saving banks
28:07 Where they earn money
32:00 Maintenance costs of the infrastructure
32:47 Room to grow
34:13 Improving with a client
35:35 Comdirect
37:00 Reasons for losing customers or change of contracts
38:00 Tenders
40:16 Having a platform that stands out
41:58 Thought experiment on Amazon
44:16 The data flywheel?
46:38 Areas to grow within the company
47:58 Digitalisation
49:47 Community Exclusive: Impacts of the pandemic
51:00 Addressing customer needs
55:12 Demographic shift within the broker industry
58:47 Example of Deka
01:01:00 Choosing a specialized broker
01:03:25 Germany within the European market
01:04:50 Expansion
01:05:45 Competition for JDC
01:06:42 A look into the future
01:11:20 The right management mindset
01:13:11 What investors look for
01:15:49 Staying ahead of the game
01:16:22 Thank you
01:16:35 Disclaimer

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