Jake Taylor, how does Journalytic help investors?

Jake Taylor of Farnam Street Investments has spent a lot of time building Journalytic (https://journalytic.com/). Journalytic is a journaling tool for investors. In this podcast, we discussed Jake’s background and what he has built with Journalytic.

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We have discussed the following:
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00:40 Introducing Jake Taylor
02:28 Changing careers to investing
04:00 Jake’s podcasts: “5GQ – Five Good Questions” and “The Hikecast”
07:46 Getting information through books
10:50 Jake’s book: “The Rebel Allocator”
12:14 Coming up with Journalytic
16:43 Goals of Journalytic
18:53 What you can do with Journalytic
31:04 Sleep and the investment process
32:01 Upcoming features
35:45 Data Ownership
36:50 Popular functions
38:25 Implementing community feedback
40:27 Bias protection
42:12 Reflection on own habits
46:00 Leaping into a business building
47:47 Learnings about software businesses
48:48 Hiring employees
50:02 Appreciating businesses
51:38 Developing software
55:55 Data sufficiency
58:30 Closing thoughts
59:58 Thank you
01:00:52 Disclaimer

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