How does Stone House invest super concentrated?

Stone House Partners has a fascinating investing approach. Compared to the other investors on this channel, they bring the term “concentration” to a maximum. What does this mean for their performance? The answer is surprisingly good!

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Teaser
00:12 Introduction & Disclaimer
00:41 Introducing Mark Cohen & Raphi Rabin-Havt (
01:48 The name „Stone House“ & what they do differently
04:11 Turning around every stone
07:40 Mark Cohen’s background
14:37 Check out Wise*
15:20 The first years at Stone House
18:15 Tips for the younger self when building an investment business
21:55 Raphael Rabin-Havt’s background
23:37 Lessons from journalism
25:55 Changes after Raphi joined Stone House
27:40 Three strengths
31:45 Check out Good Investing Plus
32:08 Filtering through noise
36:11 Being a good portfolio manager
38:35 Finding the right kind of growth
39:27 Important metrics
41:47 Dealing with debt
43:50 Concentration
47:01 The human component in change
52:00 The long-duration game while building trust
56:49 Activism
01:01:44 Working with management
01:06:04 “Good” and “bad” crazy
01:07:31 The time between interest and investment
01:10:20 Challenging each other
01:11:33 Multiple expansion
01:15:43 Reasons for selling
01:18:00 The ideal partners
01:20:22 Closing thoughts
01:21:53 Goodbye

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