Is 1 investment per year enough? Andrew Rosenblum on AHA moments

Andrew Rosenblum of Bonsai Partners is an impressive investor. He is looking globally for great business and investment opportunities. Here we chat about his way into investing, his approach, and his investment in RedBubble. Here you can find the transcript of our interview:

The topics are:
00:59 – Why the name Bonsai?
07:07 – How he entered a hedge fund right after college
15:12 – From investing to cancer research
24:38 – How Andrew is able the generate the best return
32:40 – The scalability of Bonsai Partner’s approach
38:33 – How to invest in a niche
43:46 – The positions in Andrews’ portfolio
58:15 – The discovery of RedBubble
01:13:36 – Etsy vs Redbubble
01:16:01 – RedBubble’s management
01:23:19 – Final thoughts on Good Investing

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