Good Investing Links: Concepts, Housing and China

Jeremy Grantham – Waiting for the last dance

John Huber – End of Mean Reversion?

Ram Parameswaran – Internet Scale Businesses

Rob Vinall – Recent memos

Mohnish Pabrai – The Value of Continious Learning

Ian Cassel – Portfolio Turnover is the Price of Progress

Nick Sleep – The Undercover Fund Manager

SumZero – Top Stocks 2021

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet – Hidden Compounders

Credit Acceptance – Autumn Capital

Games Workshop – Baillie Gifford

Whole Earth Brands – Forager Funds

Just Eat – value and opportunity

Alimentation Couche-Tard – value and opportunity

Ferrari – Ensemble Capital

Nitto Kohki – Undervalued Japan

Uranium – The Tide of Fortune

CIM Commercial Trust – Clark Street Value

The US housing market – Bob Robotti

NVR – Ensemble Capital

The counter arguments: How Suburban Development Makes American Cities Poorer | How America Bankrupted its Cities – The Growth Ponzi Scheme | Charles Marohn @ Talks at Google

China in general – Cederberg Capital Investors Day

Alibaba – Not boring – Dennis Hong (ShawSpring Partners) (2015) – Nihar Sheth 2021 – Nihar Sheth 2019

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