Felix Gode, how did you with 15%+ p.a. in German stocks?

Felix Gode is a good investor with a focus on small and mid-caps from German-speaking countries. We had the pleasure to discuss his strategy and two investments.

Here you can find the current investments of Felix: https://www.alpha-star-aktienfonds.de….

Here are the topics discussed:

Here are the topics discussed:
00:00 Introduction
01:07 Disclaimer
01:24 What is “fun” in investing in German-speaking countries?
02:28 Lessons learned in 2020-2021
04:12 What things changed in the process over the last 5 years?
06:29 The 2 phases of Alpha Star
08:43 Historical returns
10:13 Principles used in building the fund
15:06 Skin in the game
16:00 Two Strategies for investing
17:28 The universe of companies that Alpha Star has invested in
21:38 How to avoid companies that play “dirty”
23:35 Portfolio principles
25:00 Selling
27:23 The 5/10/40 rule: Stock weighting
29:08 What’s special about Endor
33:23 What’s special about IVU
35:08 Playing the long game
36:26 Best way to find stocks
40:28 Alpha Star in 5 years and a job offer at Alpha Star
45:50 Management evaluation

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