How to find great European stocks, Daniel Gehlen & Marc-Lennart Bräutigam?

Daniel Gehlen and Marc-Lennart Bräutigam of Gehlen Bräutigam Capital run the Gehlen Braeutigam Value HI funds. The fund is specialised on European small and midcaps.

We discussed the following topics:
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00:35 Introduction
01:25 A Europe-focussed fund
06:15 Learning at Barclays
10:05 Daniel’s early investments
11:25 Launching a fund and making mistakes
14:15 Learnings
16:35 Return-orietnation or asset gathering?
18:35 Defining the “European” market
20:05 Exploring the European market
22:05 Finding the best ideas
24:15 The fund’s team
30:45 Benefits of a different perspective
31:20 Being leaders
34:25 Gaming & gambling companies like Endor, Naked Wines & Italian Wine Brands
40:20 Stock example: Italian Wine Brands
44:35 Community exclusive
46:00 The idea generation process
50:05 Benefits of the limited broker coverage in Europe
53:30 Valueing companies
56:05 Risks
58:32 Hurdle rates for an investment
01:00:35 Investing in the own fund?
01:01:15 Thank you
01:02:20 Goodbye
01:02:35 Disclaimer

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