Marc Appelhoff (Home24 CEO): How do you build e-commerce’s future?

Marc Appelhoff is the CEO of Home24 – a leading European e-commerce retailer for the mass markets. In this interview, we discussed the future of this business that is currently heavily shorted.

We discussed the following topics:
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00:37 Introduction: Who is Marc Appelhoff?
01:26 Three Reasons to be bullish about the future of Home24
03:05 home24’s NPS score
03:55 Learnings from building 12 years home24
05:40 Scenario: Putting future growth investment on hold
07:00 The benefits of growth
08:30 home24 in 10 years
09:20 Creating long-term value
11:00 Competitors
15:12 Starting the sofa buying journey
17:30 The Butlers acquisition
20:50 Brands of the Home24 universe
23:40 LTV/CAC
27:15 How “cheap” is the acquisition of Butlers?
20:30 Marketing channels (Google & Facebook)
33:37 Why copying the Home24 concept won’t work
35:20 The Customer experience
37:30 Consumer taste
39:45 Mobly S.A. – The Brazilian subsidiary
42:45 Enhancing the home24 business model beyond furniture retail
45:15 home24 and delivery
49:00 Current logistical woes
51:20 The return rate
54:00 Sustainability
56:40 Encouraging repeat customers
59:55 Buybacks (Community exclusive)
01:00:47 Thank you & goodbye
01:01:07 Disclaimer

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