How to do great interviews? A chat with Will Barnes & Will Oliver (In Practise)

William Oliver and William Barnes run In Practise – a service for expert interviews. In this conversation, we took some time to talk about the art of interviewing.

We discussed the following:
00:00 What to expect
00:28 Introduction
01:50 Beginnings of InPractise
05:50 Thousands of interviews
06:40 How does In Practise help investors
10:00 Inspiration from other businesses, e.g. Netflix
14:28 Choosing interview partners
18:00 The example of Naked Wines
19:25 The never-ending flow of information
22:30 The Naked Wines case
24:20 The limits of interviews
29:15 Talking to CEOs or “people on the ground”
31:10 Reflecting on biases
33:30 (Not) preparing questions
35:50 The art of listening
40:46 Creating unique insights
42:30 The benefits for interview partners
49:30 Bridging “language” differences
53:30 Margins
56:50 “Hacks”
01:00:35 Using humor
01:03:15 Using emotions – Community exclusive
01:04:00 “Managing” your own emotions
01:06:47 Limitations of transcripts
01:12:30 Time
01:15:30 Cultural differences
01:18:20 Thank you & Goodbye
01:18:59 Disclaimer

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