What are VNV Global’s chances after the Babylon fail, Per Brilioth?

We had the pleasure to welcome Per Brilioth of VNV Global back. In this interview, we walk through Babylon’s bankruptcy and the portfolio companies’ chances.

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Welcoming Per Brilioth
01:19 Getting through volatile periods
03:49 What went wrong with Babylon?
05:40 Learnings from Babylon bankruptcy
11:05 Portfolio construction moving forward
12:11 Ad: Check out Stratosphere
12:40 Thoughts on the bonds
20:45 Scaling and downsizing VNV’s team
23:35 How the portfolio companies weather the storm
28:00 Outlook for BlaBlaCar
36:37 Outlook for Voi
44:30 Outlook for Alva
51:30 Capital allocation
54:30 Check out Good Investing Plus
55:10 Providing benefits besides money for companies
59:00 Shareholder expectation
01:04:20 Closing thoughts
01:07:30 Thank yous
01:08:30 Disclaimer

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